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Welcome to David's and Chris' Discworld Website.

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Hi. Welcome to our Discworld site. Sorry it's a bit dull at the moment but we're trying desperately to make this page better. It would be great if any of you fans out there could help us. If you like the Discworld, then stick around and check out the Pictures, Books, Videos, links, and general info.Just sit back and enjoy the tasters of each section. This site will grow as we put more things on!. In the mean time sign our guestbook at the bottom of this page.


June 12th
Special thanks go out to Rosemary Warner as she helped us basically complete the books section and gave us news on the next book planned.

May 27th
Fed up of scanning the web for Discworld pics? Then don't bother. Just look in are new gallery section. Updated weekly. And another thing... if you wanna buy your Discworld books use the Amazon bookshop.Search for the book at the bootom of this page.

May 23rd
Another section added focusing on Discworld games. There is only a review for Discworld II at the moment but expect info on the first Discworld game and Discworl III Noir soon.

May 20th
A tiny bit more done to the places on the disk. Plus a voting poll to vote for the best place on the disc.

May 15th
The characters page has been updated. A new page added: Check out the discworld Animated Series.

May 4th
The books page is now complete! Click here to check out every Discworld book written.

April 20th
New page added. Nanny Oggs famous song " The Hedgehog Can Never be Buggered at all. " Complete with sound.Sing along everybody!

Use the navigation buttons to move aroud our site. For all the locations on the disc click on the disc button. Want to mail us? Send hate mail or useful suggestions for this site to Chris Thorndycroft or David Gent

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