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Animated Series

Two Discworld books have been made into video's. These are Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters. These cartoons were made by Astrion and were first released on Channel 4. Now these excellent video's are availible in the shops. Each video has all the episodes cut seamlessly and both are availible in two parts. With Christopher Lee as the Sinister voice of Death, they are definitly worth watching. Here is a review of each production.


There's a weird music taking over the land - it's fast, it's furious and they call it The Music With Rocks In. And what's's alive. And even more sinister...Death's gone missing. Is Susan, the Grim Reaper's grand daughter qualified - or willing - to step into his black cape and wield the scythe? Can Buddy and his band control the music before it takes control of them?.....

Wyrd Sisters

If someone thrust a new born baby into your arms and told you to look after it, what would you do? Suppose you had a sneaking suspician that this was no ordinary baby? And suppose again, you were Granny weatherwax- the most practical and pragmatic of a trio of ill-assorted witches?

But once even this problem is solved, a greater one takes it's place. After murder and skulduggery in the royal palace, the land - now owned by a corrupt duke - cries out for a new leader. Not the people, but the very land itself is calling for help, and the wyrd sisters must listen.