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Places on the Disc.

Introducing The Discworld... Discworld

The Discworld is a flat planet-Like a geological Pizza, but without the anchovies. The reasons of it's existance are unknown,it could be because of some impossible blip on the edge of reality, or because the gods enjoy a joke as much as anybody else. If so, the gods must have some sense of humour.Who would create a flat planet supported on 4 elephants which in turn stand on the back of the Great Star Turtle, Great A'tuin!!

There are 4 major 'continents' on the Disc.These are:

KLATCH- Which could be described as the Discworld's Africa containing the more or less unexplored regions of Howondaland and Hersheba.

XXXX-A hidden continent which rumours believe is inhabited by giant leaping rats,huge flightless chickens and er, a lost colony of Wizards which have corks dangling down from their pointed hats. It is believed to be located near the rim where the circle sea so strangely falls and disaperes.

THE (UNNAMED) CONTINENT- This continent stretches all the way to the hub and ends in Ankh-Morpork It contains the Ramtops and the sto-plains.

THE COUNTERWEIGHT CONTINENT-A continent both smaller than Klatch and the unnamed continet. It is said to be made of gold, but sailors always come back empty handed.

" On Discworld the future is set. It is the job of everyone to fight back."
The Discworld companion


Ankh-Morpork, The great city of the Discworld. Situated north of theAnkh-Morpork circle sea, divided by the river Ankh, next to the Morpork mountains. The great city is probably the most populated place on the Disc. Crawling with life like old cheese left in the sun, like a dead dog on top of a compost heap. It is said that all roads lead to Ankh-Morpork, in fact, all roads lead away from Ankh-Morpork, but people seem to walk the wrong way.

The city has many historical features, The Tower of Art for instance, is the oldest building in the city, (though it's current purpose is unknown). The Unseen University for wizards is a wonderful creation with it's stone archs and it's library which is bigger inside than out and is controlled by an ape. Every thing in the university has a purpose, well almost everything, the wizards of corse, well they.....they......they eat big dinners and play crochet with big mallets.

The river Ankh is the city's main spectacle, you can hardly miss it and you can smell it on the other side of the city. It oozes under bridges and along the river banks with a life of it's own. I wouldn't try swimming in it, you'd be better off trying to walk accross it. The City Watch try to keep crime to a minimum, or at least try to look like they do. With the exception of Captain Carrott, the 7ft dwarf who is feared by every criminal and loved by every one else.

The crest shown to the right has " Quanti CaniculIlle In Fenestra " Which means " How much is that small dog in the window. " This er, different motocan be traced to the reign of King Ludwig the Tree.Not suprisingly King Ludwig was confused and extremely detached from reality.

The Unnamed continent.
The continent with no name is the biggest continent on the Disc. It begins at the circle sea and goes all the way to the Ram Tops* stopping at places like Lancre, Sto-Lat and Quirm. It is Home to The Hub, Technically the center of the Discworld, Genua, Uberwald and Wyrmberg.

The Circle Sea.
The circle sea is home to many of the Disc's great cities. Ankh-Morpork, Djelibebi and Al Khali are scattered around the circle of land. The rivers leading to it and away from it include Tsort River, Djel River and the River Ankh.

XXXX is the Discworld's equivalent of Australia. Also known as the last continent, for the reason that it was created after the other continents by an inexperienced god. XXXX is mainly barren red desert and not very populated. Strange animals populate the area, and were created by a god who hadn't quite grasped the concept of sexual reproduction, and so each animal is created by hand. This was true until the wizards of the Unseen University paid a visit and explained reproduction to the astonished god, who then realised that this weird process would save him a lot of hard work. It is said that there are no poisioness spiders on XXXX, the snakes have eaten them all. The Last Continent: Land of Sheep, Surf, Sand, Sea, Sun and beer.